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Dear Guests,


Dear guests, we are a hotel that also wants to give the future generation the opportunity to get to know and enjoy nature with all its biodiversity and beauty as our generation can. For this reason we are interested in a sustainable economy and have taken concrete measures.


The following measures have been carried out in our hotel:


  • Installation of a new heating pump (energy efficiency class A)
  • Change from halogen lighting in the reception area and breakfast room to an energy-saving alternative
  • Installation of aerators on all wash basins and showers
  • Separation of waste in hotel rooms (usable materials & waste)
  • Change to fair-trade and organic products (coffee Bezirk 53)
  • Change to recyclable copying paper (“Blue Angel”)
  • Wine and drink offer preferably from the region
  • Training of employees for waste separation
  • Survey of guests on awareness and evaluation
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