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BaseCamp Bonn

Basecamp Bonn BaseCamp YoungHostel, like the Hotel Rheinland and BONNOX Boardinghouse & Hotel Bonn, is run by Michael Schlösser. With prices between 22 and 74 EUR it is the perfect choice for travellers, backpackers and groups that like adventure. Situated in an old warehouse, BaseCamp is the world’s only indoor campsite with permanently installed caravans in extraordinary style. You are coming to what is probably the coolest place in the world – that’s what people say about it… But find out for yourself: 16 vintage caravans, 2 rail sleeper cars, 2 airstreams and many other curiosities where you can stay overnight and chill out. All of it presented in a pretty indoor campsite. What do you think? Doesn’t that sound better than your usual hostel?

Most definitely…

Find out more here.

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